WARNING: Today I'm 'Spilling The Beans' On My Most Guarded AdSense Secret...

How Would You Like To Get 100+ Free Leads Per Day On Complete Autopilot, And Get $1,000 Paydays Like Me, By Getting 'Paid Per Click'?

100% Beginner friendly
100% Automated
30 Minutes per day, OR LESS
Included: 'Over the shoulder' video training
Included: How to get 100+ free leads per day
Included: How to profit from Adsense & free leads
Included: Free click multiplying software
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No skills required

No networking

No 'time for money'

No selling at all

The Power Of Making Money Online By Not Selling Anything At All!

Hi everybody,

Michel Sirois here with a brand-new money making method, that will knock your sox off, I guarantee it!

Now check this out...

So Far This Month, I Made $25,000 By Not Selling Anything!

In case you've been living in a cave and don't know what AdSense is... it's Google's ad service. You get 'paid per click' when you send traffic to their ads.

I've been using this method for just about 1 year now... and I am able to scale-up month after month, by either using my free traffic method or by reinvesting a part of my profits into paid traffic!

What I truly want, is to make a constant $100,000 per month, that's my personal objective. So whether I am using my profits to grow fast with paid traffic or by using free traffic methods, I will materialize my goal real soon! By all means necessary as we say!

Since I started this, I get 2X folds, month after month!

By this I mean, my first month I made $75...

The following month I made $219...

The 3rd month I was just a little shy of $500...

And now, almost 1 year later of doing this for 15-30 minutes per day... this month, I am projecting on making $30,000 because there's still a few days left in the month as I am writing this! (November, 24th, 2020)

Now, I know...

You're wondering how the heck I am able to pull this off, I get it, so I won't keep you waiting, here it is...


What Is The 'AdSendz' Profit System?

The 'AdSendz Profit System' is the same money-making system I use everyday to make passive income on complete autopilot with Google's AdSense. I will show you how to get free leads and use this money-making machine to profit from AdSense!

You Get Paid By Google!

This is what I love about the 'AdSendz' profit system...

I don't need to sell anything at all! 

I just display and promote AdSense ads in a specific way and Google pays me, every month, like clockwork!

I never need to wonder if or when I will get paid! It's Google, lol... 

It's easy, I make money, I get paid, I love it!

I don't know about you but... I prefer getting paid $1, $10 or even $30 PER CLICK, than trying to sell useless products no one really wants, know what I mean?

This is why I've been keeping this a secret this past year. Now I nailed my method and system 'To The T'! 

It truly works and now I'm ready to show you exactly how I do it by doing this only 15-30 minutes/day, by copy/pasting, by getting 100+ free fresh leads per day and by scaling-up without using my own money!


Complete 'Over The Shoulder' Training

If you ever bought training from me, you already know I keep my videos really short, to not confuse you!

You see, my methods work if you do them, so I don't need to confuse you like the gurus do...

This AdSendz training includes 30 very short and 'over the shoulder' videos, where I show you how to set-up, step-by-step to get free leads and monetize by not having to sell anything! Instead, Google will pay you for each click that goes to their ads.

Can Be Fully Copy/Paste

Another thing I made sure when I set-up this beautiful cash machine was to be able to do it by copy/paste! This was very important to me because I like to only spend 15-30 minutes per day, per cash machine I build. So when you grab AdSendz today, you can be sure that EVERYTHING can be copy/paste and you will never need to create any content from scratch! This is the beauty of it all... You could be getting REAL COPY/PASTE PROFITS by using my AdSendz method and profit system!

Everything Is Automated

Not to toot my own horn but I thought about everything when I created my AdSendz profit system. 

And I know for a fact that my clients and students want AUTOMATION and I made sure of it! 

This is why people love my AdSendz profit system so much, because it's so easy to use...

Being automated, makes it easy to manage. This is why you can do this in 15-30 minutes per day!

Let Me Show You Each Module One By One...

Introduction & Method Reveal

Before you start your training, it will be important for you to know what you will be doing. 

Having a general understanding of the little building blocks it requires to set-up, will put you to ease right away, it's so easy!

In this part of the training, I will show you through a mind-map how you will be set-up by simply following the easy steps.

If you follow my step-by-step videos, you will be set-up in 1 hour or less!

Real World Value: $97

You Get The Necessary Traffic Tools & Automation Plugins At No Extra Cost

When I created my AdSendz profit system, I thought to myself that you would most likely want to get the same tools and plugins I am using, to get free leads and monetize your AdSense campaign... 

So this is what you will get!

I am including these tools at no extra cost, so you can try and use them just like me!

These tools and plugins will save you tons of time and get you results!

Real World Value: $1,997

How To Set-Up In Just A Few Clicks, Ready To Monetize With AdSense

This is where I will show you how to set-up your cash machine in just a few clicks and some copy/pasting. 

This will be your money-maker right here! 

I can't and won't say too much here, I will let you discover it yourself!

But what I can tell you is that this is how I am able to get HUGE paydays by Adsense!

You just need to copy what I do and results will come.

If it works for me, it will work for you.

Real World Value: $4,997

How To Automate Everything

Automation will play a big role in your online business. 

Personally, I am lazy and I don't like to do 'leg work'. 

I find this time consuming, so I had to find a way to do less 'leg work' and have more time for myself.

In this part of the training, I will show you how to simplify your work load by automating everything in just a few clicks of the mouse!

It doesn't get any easier...

Real World Value: $2,997

How To Get 100+ Free Leads Per Day To Get PURE AdSense Profits

I like making risk-free profits. 

What about you? 

And the best way to make money online, is to get to the point where your traffic doesn't cost you a penny out of your pocket, by using a free traffic method that gets your leads on autopilot! 

Getting 100+ visitors to your AdSense campaigns is really easy, when you know how and making money by it, that goes without saying!

Real World Value: $2,997

How To Generate Daily Profits From AdSense & Free Traffic, Risk-Free

What makes a marketer successful, is his/her ability to generate PASSIVE INCOME, EVERY DAY! 

Most people end-up spending money on traffic, make a few sales but never get return on investment (ROI).

In this part of the training, I will show you just how easy it is to get daily profits by simply using my free traffic method and system to profit from AdSense! 

No traffic expenses leads to PURE PROFITS, without the risk of losing any money at all, you must agree!

Real World Value: $1,997

How To Get Free Backlinks In Less Than 30 Seconds Per Day

Although I don't teach or like doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), backlinks are still to this day extremely valuable. 

Considering I understood the value in getting backlinks, I had to find the easiest way possible to get some...

In this part of the training, I will show you how to generate high authority backlinks in less than 30 seconds per day, this is not a joke! Really in less than 30 seconds per day!

Real World Value: $1,997

How To Accelerate And Increase Your Daily Traffic Flow To Make More Money And Scale-Up Without Any Traffic Expenses

Another problem beginners face when they start an online business is their 'daily traffic flow', or lack thereof... 

In this part of the training I will show you a simple way to boost your incoming traffic, without having to spend time to make money! 

This is the real deal if you want to accelerate your 'daily traffic flow' without risking any money on traffic expenses!

Real World Value: $997

Complete Checklist To Help You Review Your Set-Up & Make Sure You Are Ready To Make Money By Using AdSense As Your Main Source Of Revenue

A professional training would not be complete if you did not have access to a checklist, to go over each step and make sure you are set-up correctly! 

This checklist is a guide to success!

This will allow you to go over your set-up and be sure you are good to start making money!

Real World Value: $197

In Addition To That, I've Decided To Giveaway The Following Bonuses To The First 20 Clients Who Grab AdSendz Today!

'In Page' AdSense Ads Plugin

Nothing sucks more than adding AdSense ads 1 by 1 in each of your web pages.

This is why you will be getting free access to the same plugin I use. 

It has more than 1,000 positive reviews, so you can be sure it is robust...

What it does: It adds all your AdSense ads for you, in all your pages, in 1 click of the mouse! 


Real World Value: $97

Web Page Maker & Click Multiplying Software

For those of you who don't have it yet, you will be able to get my click multiplying software at no extra cost. 

This software can get you lots of clicks each time you use it! 

It's super easy and I developed that tool myself. 

You can be sure it is robust and that it does what it says it does... 

By this I mean: It multiplies your daily clicks by 2X, 5X or even 10X, guaranteed!

Currently Sold For: $47

Facebook Free Traffic Loophole

Although I will be showing you a free autopilot traffic method that gets you 100+ free leads per day, I thought you would also enjoy this free Facebook Traffic Loophole, as an extra source of free traffic. 

This method is effective because Google loves paying for Social Media leads, and for you those leads will be free!

By getting paid TOP DOLLARS by Google AdSense for Social Media traffic that is free for you, is something I think you could benefit from, that goes without saying.

Currently Sold For: $47

Hack To Get Unlimited Aweber Accounts To Multiply Your Daily Clicks Faster Than Herpes 😛

Aweber is fun because their email delivery rocks and their system is easy to cheat, legally of course!

How? Easy!

It will show you how to import your leads on as many Aweber accounts you want, without getting caught! 

Like that, you will be able to 3X, 5X or even 10X the number of DAILY CLICKS you would normally generate from just using 1 autoresponder! 

You get the power of this bonus now, YES?

Currently Sold For: $97

World Class Support

Aside from a few exceptions, I normally charge $150 per hour or a $497 monthly support fee for '1 on 1' consulting and training. 

But by grabbing AdSendz today, you can reach-out to me directly as much as you like. 

Once inside, I will provide you with my personal contact info for quick and effective support!

Having someone in your corner, helping you each time you need, giving you advice and tricks to get faster success, is what you need when you are building a REAL business, I'm sure you get it...

Currently Sold For: $497/Month

Plus, You Are Backed By Our 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee!

Listen, if I don't get you results, I don't deserve your money, it's as simple as that...

I know you want to make money and get tons of free leads as soon as possible and now you have the solution right in front of you!

You owe it to yourself to succeed...

Additionally, there's no risk for you today because you'll be trading clicks and you'll be getting free clicks back!

It's that easy to get 100+ free leads per day and profit from AdSense when you have the right method and all the 'done for you' content like AdSendz offers you today!

See Why My Inner-Circle Students Love My AdSendz System So Much!

From Part-Time To Full-Time In 4 Months

What started-out as a part-time hobby, turned-out to be a full-time income. Being a single mom, I need more time for myself and my daughter. It only took me 4 months to get here. Last month, I made $3,459. Next month, I am projecting on making $6,000+ because I can scale it up (2 folds) every month. I love it, thanks a bunch!

Sarah Anderson

Getting Instant Results Motivates Me

What I love most about the AdSendz profit system is that I can go in niches I like! I think it's important to be in a niche that passions you because when you are passionate, you get results! I want to thank you Michel for giving me this opportunity, it's life-changing

Brendan Chan

'Time Saving' Is My Middle Name

I like it when I can set-up a cash-machine, that only takes 15-30 minutes per day to manage. What I like about the AdSendz profit system is that you can copy/paste everything if you want, and I also like the fact that Michel provided me with free tools and resources that are time-saving  and getting me free traffic every day! 

Anthony Young

Let's Recap Everything You Get Today!


Module #1: Method Reveal, Mind-Map - Value: $97
Module #2: You Get The Necessary Traffic Tools & Automation Plugins At No Extra Cost - Value: $1,997
Module #3: How To Set-Up In Just A Few Clicks, Ready To Monetize With AdSense - Value: $4,997
Module #4: How To Automate Everything - Value: $2,997
Module #5: How To Get 100+ Free Leads Per Day To Get PURE AdSense Profits - Value: $2,997
Module #6: How To Generate Daily Profits From AdSense & Free Traffic - Value: $1,997
Module #7: How To Get Free Backlinks In Less Than 30 Seconds Per Day - Value: $1,997
Module #8: How To Accelerate And Increase Your Daily Traffic Flow To Make More Money - Value: $997
Module #9: Complete Checklist To Help You Review Your Set-Up - Value: $197


Bonus #1: 'In Page' AdSense Ads Plugin - Value: $97
Bonus #2: Click Multiplying Software - Currently Sold For: $47
Bonus #3: Facebook Free Traffic Loophole - Currently Sold For: $47
Bonus #4: Hack To Get Unlimited Awebers To Multiply Your Daily Clicks - Currently Sold For: $97
Bonus #5: World Class Support - Currently Sold For: $497/Month

Real World Value:


But You Need To Hurry - Only 20 Copies Will Be Sold!

Please note: I am taking-on only 20 students at  time, to work side by side with me, to ensure that I assist you properly - If you want it to be you, sign-up now...

Real World Value: $19,058

Retail Price: $2,997


Plus All The 5 Free Bonuses If You Hurry!

The timer has expired!


...And be among the 20 lucky people who will get to make money by using my free autopilot traffic method without having to sell anything at all to profit online!


This Special Offer Is Top Secret!


*** It is NOT listed in the public marketplace, so you can only get this through myself and a few authorized affiliates!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can any beginner do this?

Yes, I made sure it's 100% beginner friendly. If you can follow 'stupid simple' instructions, you can do this, even if you have no internet skills or experience at all.

Is this passive income?

Yes, totally! The more you do it, the more money you make, for years and years. It's not uncommon that people that use AdSense as a way to make $10,000 or more per month, passively, without ever having to talk to a single human being! It doesn't get more automated and more passive than that!

Why is AdSendz not listed in the public marketplace?

Because when a method is really profitable and current, you want to keep it as low-key as possible to keep doing it for many years. This is why I decided to only provide this money-making system to only a few people who are fast enough to get it!

Will I get the same results as you?

That can only depend on your commitment. You see, I did this for 1 year straight, 15-30 minutes per day, not missing 1 day and I got to where I am, by scaling-up. So if you are determined to succeed and are constant, then yes, you could be getting similar results as I am. But it won't happen over-night, that would be silly to claim!

Will you show me how to scale-up?

Yes I do. I show you how to scale-up with free and paid traffic sources. The choice is up to you on which method(s) you want to use to get to where you want to be.

How much time does it take every day?

It takes me anywhere from 15-30 minutes per day. No more than that. It's all copy/paste. So it's easy. And the more you do it, the faster you will be at it!

How many free leads can I get every day from your method and system?

Some people get 10 free leads per day, while some get 1,000 free leads per day. That will depend on how often you use the free traffic method and system. There's no limit to how many leads you can get per day, just use the method and system at will!

How much money can I make every day?

With AdSense and what I show in my course, you can get paid a hefty amount of money from just 1 click to your Adsense campaign. So as much as I would like to give you a specific amount on how much you will make each day, I can only tell you that it can be alot. Just to make you an example, there are niches that pay $20+ per click. So how many clicks you need to your AdSense campaigns to make $100 or $300 per day? Feel me? 🙂 ... It's just a matter of knowing the 'ins and outs' of AdSense and by grabbing my AdSendz profit system today, you will be well on your way to financial freedom sooner than you think, passively and fully automated!


Still Need Convincing? Really? Okay Then...

I Will Offer You The Same Deal As I Did My Inner-Circle Students:

*** If you follow my method for 14 days and don't make profits, I will give you a DOUBLE refund ***


Since I started using AdSendz, I've been making passive income by working in my own time. I was able to quit my job and now, I am doing this full-time. In times like today, I like being self-reliant when it comes to my finances and my lifestyle! It's the easiest money I ever made! I totally recommend AdSendz!

David Hemsberg

Result Driven

This has got to be the easiest money-making method I've ever tried. I've been 2X my growth every month, like clockwork. This is my 6th month doing this... and last month, I made $4,352 in NET profits! This is all I need to profit online.

Jacinda Marcillus


The fact that Michel limits the number of students in his program, tells me that he wants to keep this method a secret because it works, and will keep working for a long time... And I was not wrong, it's the real deal!  If you want to make copy/paste profits without selling anything at all, by doing this for only 15-30 minutes per day, this is it!

Steve Davis

Wanna Get 100+ Free Leads Per Day On Complete Autopilot, And Get $1,000 Paydays Like Me, By Getting 'Paid Per Click', By Google?


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Michel Sirois, Internet Marketing Expert Since 1997

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