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"I'll Show You How To Get 100+ Free Buyer Leads Per Day On Complete Automation WITHOUT Ever Having To Post Anywhere Or Use Any Useless Traffic Apps!"

15 Minutes Per Day Or Less
Get 100+ Fresh Leads Per Day
No Content To Create
No Posting In Social Media
No Useless Traffic Apps
You Need A System That Will Allow You To Never Pay For Traffic Ever Again
You Want To Generate Enough Daily Leads To Live The Laptop Lifestyle
Access To World Class Support Ready To Help...
Everything I teach in this training can run on autopilot - minimum effort needed
The returns are huge - when clicks are free, it makes the whole difference
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Hello dear buyers,

Michel Sirois here with a brand-new FREE TRAFFIC TRAINING that DOES NOT require any social media posting or traffic apps at all!

How would you like to get 100+ FREE LEADS EVERY DAY, even if you have no list or business right now…

Would you like that?

Of course you would...

... Because you know that getting free traffic flat-out means PURE PROFIT for you!

So please pay attention starting now because you are in for a treat!

And believe me when I say this: You will never find this method anywhere else…

Because It’s Exactly The Same Method TOP Affiliates Use In Their Secret Groups… 

You know, the secret groups you are never invited in... where people get free & fresh traffic all day long...

The concept is fairly simple...

You trade clicks with other marketers by using our super simple method
... And this creates an exponential traffic growth

You see, to get 100+ free leads per day, you just need to follow my training and get in my secret group:

Watch This Short Video To See How You Will Be Getting Tons Of Free Daily Clicks By Joining Today...

It's By Trading Clicks And Getting A Constant Flow Of Fresh Daily Leads That You Will Get Results!

There is an old saying among marketers: 'Get 100 free and fresh leads per day in your autoresponder and success follows!'

Well, that's 100% true... as long as you get as many free leads as you can!

And this is what I want to show you today...


Inside I Will Show You...

The Training Includes 8 'Step-By-Step' Videos, Made For Beginners Just Like You!

Retail Value: $997

The overview of what 'banking clicks' is (Trading clicks)
How and where to find the RIGHT click banking partners
How to SEND clicks to your click banking partners
How to RECEIVE clicks from your click banking partners
The easiest way to trade traffic as a beginner
How to AVOID click banking debt
How to make proper testimonials for your click banking partners
How to get testimonials from your click banking partners
And much more...

Plus, You Will Also Get These 4 Fast Action Bonuses For Free!

Bonus #1

The Easiest Solution To Get 100+ Free Leads Per Day  Is To Be Part Of Our 'Click Banking' Group!

Retail Value: $1,997

You Will Get Instant Access To Our Secret 'Full Throttle Profits' Click Banking Group
Where You Will Be Trading Clicks With Other Members Of Our Secret Community
By Trading Traffic With Our Other Members Like You, You Will Be Able To GROW YOUR LIST Practically For Free. You Need This Because The More Clicks You Generate, The More Money You Make. If You Are A Traffic Seller, When The Clicks Are Free, It's 100% Money In Your Pocket
The Best Part Is You Can Start Today, Even If You Don't Have A List Or No Prior Experience
And By Following The 'Full Throttle Profits' Training, You Will See Just How Easy It Is To Get 100+ FREE & FRESH Leads Per Day

Bonus #2

Complete Email Marketing Training That Is Made To Work With This System And Method!

Retail Value: $197

Inside, I will show you how to setup your email lists and get a superior click distributing power, getting you even more free clicks.

By using our method, you will be able to get 100+ free and fresh leads per day, without having to post in blogs, websites or social media! - Major time saver!

Personally, I prefer building email lists and trade clicks to not have to use my precious time to post content all over the web to get my free traffic... 

How To Setup Your Email List In 20 Minutes Or Less!

Recommendations to setup a domain and hosting
How to setup your opt-in form so it works with this method
How to make a 'solo friendly' lead capture page
How to write 'Solo Friendly' email swipes in less than 1 minute
How to 'Broadcast' more email messages, daily to get more clicks, by using this sneaky method
And much more

Bonus #3

How To Setup & Work With Rotators!

Retail Value: $297

How to make tracking links
How to setup a tracking pixel to monitor your opt-ins
How to setup a rotator
Where to locate your rotator link
Where to add your rotator link
What type of offers to add in your rotator
And much more

Bonus #4

10 Free Bridge Pages + 10 Free Swipes That Multiply Clicks With Our Click Banking Method And System...

Retail Value: $997

See Samples Of The Bridge Pages You Will Be Getting For Free By Grabbing This Special Offer Today!

These 10 Free Bridge Pages And 10 Free Swipes Will Help You Get 3X Or More Daily Clicks Each Time You Use Them! 

These 10 bridge pages and 10 swipes will be useful for you and carefully crafted to help you generate tons of free daily clicks!

You can use them in your rotators, in your blogs, in your websites, in your email messages, in social media, as opt-in redirection, the sky is the limit!

It would have been easy for me to make this a separate '1-time offer' and charge an extra $97 for this priceless bonus

But I truly believe I can help you more by simply giving them to you, at no extra cost!

Like that you can 3X or more your daily clicks, without the extra costs! And by this I mean... more money in your pocket!

Don't wait, only a few people will be getting this bonus. Like that, I will be sure these pages don't get saturated as I also use them in my own traffic networks...

When all spots are filled, this bonus will be removed from this sales page.

This is why you need to take action right now, to secure your click banking training, your spot in our click banking group, your free email marketing training, your 10 free 'Click Banking' web pages and your 10 free swipes...

Total Bonus Value = $3,488

Retail Value = $297

Normally $297, Get $260 DISCOUNT

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Our 'Click Trading' Training Community Flat-Out Works!

Check-Out Vanessa's Success!

Vanessa is one of my students and she's getting TONS OF FREE CLICKS just by trading clicks with other members of our community!

It's no secret that as an internet marketer, your main focus needs to be on getting leads 100% of the time...

And to try to SAVE as much money as you can, to make as much PROFIT as you can!

And You Can Do This By Trading Clicks With Members Of Our Private Group And Community On Complete Autopilot!

So ideally, you should not be spending your time on:

Creating websites
Creating products
Creating endless funnels
Writing sales copy
I could keep going, but you get it, right?...

Instead, you could be:

Trading Clicks With Our Other Members
Building Your Traffic Network Practically For Free

By signing-up today to 'Full-Throttle Click Banking' coaching program and click banking platform, you get:

Access To Our 'CLICK BANKING' Community
Access To Our Complete Training On How To Trade Clicks With Our Other Members Like You
The 2 priceless bonuses
Plus, You Get ALL The 'LIVE' Support You Need To Succeed

As Soon As You Sign-Up Today You Get Fast Results!

Access the training instantly
Use our CLICK BANKING traffic method
Trade Clicks with our other members as shown in the training
Get 100+ FREE & FRESH LEAD RETURNS each day

See it like this…

If I were having a discussion with you, I would most likely ask you…

“Hey, would you like to NEVER have to create products if I showed you a few tiny steps, to stuff 100+ FREE LEADS EVERY DAY, directly in your autoresponder, would you like that?”…

You would love that, I’m sure…

Because It Would Allow You To Have More Of Everything:

More Time For Your Hobbies

More Time With Your Family

More Time To Enjoy Life

More Money In The Bank

Listen, I'm just like you and I know you’re looking for something that actually works…

And that’s easy enough that anyone can do it…

You’re looking for something that can make you money RIGHT AWAY!!!

I know and you know exactly what you need by now…

This is why our 'Full-Throttle Profits' click banking system will help you achieve your goals of finally building a list EFFORTLESSLY and make money online like you should!

At the end of the day, it’s just a matter of REPLICATING WHAT TOP MARKETERS are doing...

And it's by TRADING CLICKS with other like-minded marketers like you that you can get 100+ FREE & FRESH leads EVERY DAY!

Once you get that, you can finally become a part of the 1% that succeeds!

And all you need to do to get instant access is click below right now!

Normally $297, Get $260 DISCOUNT

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This Is Not Fake Scarcity, The Price WILL Rise When It Hits Zero...

I Believe You Need This Coaching Program & Click Banking Community To Get Free Lifetime Leads, Without Any Effort!

This is the method that can finally get you the results you’ve always wanted, even dreamed of...

That’s because the 'Full-Throttle Profits' training reveals exactly how the 1% are getting HUGE amounts of daily leads in a small amount of time...

We really wanted to show you a method, a system and tools that could help ANYONE create a full-time income online, without getting out of their comfort zone.

... and the best part is YOU can get 100+ FREE LEADS EVERY DAY, without needing any special skills or experience.

The best part is you don’t have to wait to get leads with the 'Full-Throttle Profits' click banking program and community...

Once you get inside you can start getting free leads as soon as TODAY, by simply trading clicks with other members of our secret group!

And that’s no BS.

...Plus, You Are Backed By Our Ironclad 30-Days Guarantee!

Listen, if I don't get you results, I don't deserve your money, it's as simple as that...

I know you want to get tons of free leads as soon as possible and now you have the solution right in front of you!

You owe it to yourself to succeed...

Additionally, there's no risk for you today because you'll be trading clicks and you'll be getting free clicks back!

It's that easy to get 100+ free leads per day when you have the right method!

So If You Answer 'YES' To The Following Questions, You Owe It To Yourself To Get In...

Are you looking for a simple money-making method that can get you 100+ FRESH leads per day or more? If the answer is YES, then the 'Full Throttle Profits' coaching program is for YOU!
Do you want to participate in a program where you can TRADE BUYER CLICKS, without any set limit? If the answer is YES, then the 'Full Throttle Profits' coaching program is for YOU!
Do you want to grow your BUYER NETWORK EXPONENTIALLY to MAXIMISE your profit-pulling potential? If the answer is YES, then the 'Full Throttle Profits' coaching program is for YOU!
Do you VALUE business relationships to grow as a marketer and get inside tricks from other TOP MARKETERS, like me? If the answer is YES, then the 'Full Throttle Profits' coaching program is for YOU!
Do you want a COPY/PASTE method, that gets you BUYERS clicks? If the answer is YES, then the 'Full Throttle Profits' coaching program is for YOU!

Let's Recap What You Get By Signing-Up Today!


8 Step-By-Step Videos: The complete training that will show you how to trade clicks and build your traffic network practically for free: Value - $997
Bonus 1: Free lifetime access to our click trading group: Value - $1,997
Bonus 2: 5 Videos - How to build email lists that work with the 'Full Throttle Profits' training: Value - $197
Bonus 3: 5 Videos - How to setup and profit from rotators to generate more free clicks from your list: Value - $297
Bonus 4: 10 'Done For You' web pages & 10 'Done For You' email swipes that will help you get these 100+ free daily clicks: Value - $997

Real World Value = $4,485

Retail Value = $297

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Normally $297, Get $260 DISCOUNT

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This Is Not Fake Scarcity, The Price WILL Rise When It Hits Zero...

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be getting free daily clicks?

By trading clicks with other marketers like you, who are in our secret group. This is the easiest way to get 100 free leads or more per day!

Can I do this in my spare time?

Totally! This seriously takes only 15-20 minutes per day to manage, it's 100% 'beginner-friendly'!

How do I know it will work for me?

Because it works for thousands of other marketers who do it.

Will you help me if I need assistance?

For sure. I'm always just 1 click away for you each time you need me. Your success is my reward for creating training like this!

Does it come with training?

Totally! As soon as you sign-up, you will get a complete step-by-step training + 4 free bonuses to generate tons of daily clicks + full access to our click trading group and community.

When can I see Results?

As soon as today. It only depends on how fast you want to start!

Are there monthly fees for the 'Full Throttle Profits' coaching program?

No. You will never pay a monthly fee if you sign-up today. Later, new members will have to pay $47/month so this is why you need to grab this right now!

I’m ready to take action, how do I get started?

Click the button below to secure your discounted copy before our price goes monthly:

Normally $297, Get $260 DISCOUNT

If You Act Now

ONLY $37


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This Is Not Fake Scarcity, The Price WILL Rise When It Hits Zero...

Michel Sirois

Internet Marketer Since 1997

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